What are the Benefits?

  • It is a very cost effective way to vacation & acquire an affordable luxury lifestyle
  • The unit is fully furnished & equipped with dish-ware, cookware and linens 
  • Cleaning & maintenance fees are included - so your unit is ready when you arrive! 
  • When you are not using your condo for your own getaway, you have the opportunity to generate revenue from the rental pool
  • Owners can securely store personal items in their owners locker when absent

Today, Whistler offers a wide variety of quarter ownership properties that follow the same simple program of a no-hassle Whistler dream.

Take a look at The Linnell Group Quartershares!


Whistler Creekside

#107 B Evolution


#424 D Legends

Whistler Creekside

#214 B Legends

#323 A Legends

#304 C Evolution

#217 D Legends

Whistler Creekside

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