Question: "What is a Phase 1 Property"?

With these condos, the owner has unlimited owner use AND can rent out the unit on a nightly basis! When it's not being occupied by the owner however, the unit must be made available for nightly rentals. 

Phase 1 suites are mainly townhomes and some of the larger condo buildings that exist at:

  • Blackcomb, 
  • Whistler Village,
  • and Whistler Creekside. 

The nice thing about Phase 1 Condos are not only can  you can renovate them, but you can hang pictures of the kids on the walls, paint &  change out the kitchen. Whereas, with the Phase 2 Condos, you cannot do that. 

So if you're looking for a condo in Whistler, AND want some extra income - Phase 1 Condos are for you! 

Give me a call anytime or drop me an email and we can discuss what is available that fits your needs.