1. How Do Phase 1 Condos Work?

Phase 1 condos are the most flexible of full owner use properties here in Whistler. There's a lot to like and a lot to know about how they operate & why they may be right for you.

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2. What is a Quartershare?

Quartershares are a great way to dip your toe into the Whistler real estate market. They can be confusing to understand if you're new to the concept so sit back while we explain the concept.

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3. What's a Phase 2 Condo Hotel?

A Phase 2 is a restricted owner use property and is typically found in a Whistler Village hotel location. Find out more about this type of Whistler property ownership here.

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4. What's the Best Phase 2 Condo Building?

Knowing the top hotel condo buildings to maximize your revenue stream is key. In this video Dean shares his Whistler Village favourites.

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5. How Do I Win a Bidding War?

Multiple offers for properties in Whistler are the new reality. Check out the video or click the link below for Dean's top strategies to get your offer noticed & accepted in a bidding war.

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6. Is There a Speculation Tax in Whistler?

There's a speculation & vacancy tax for investors in several communities in British Columbia. Is Whistler one of them?

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7. How Does Ownership at The Hilton Whistler Work?

Those Hilton Whistler suites look pretty sweet but why are they priced so low?

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