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Is Your Realtor Actually a "Whistler expert"?


Is Your Realtor Actually a "Whistler expert"?

Dean Linnell

Dean has lived in Whistler for 26 years and is passionate about the Whistler real estate business...

Dean has lived in Whistler for 26 years and is passionate about the Whistler real estate business...

Feb 18 2 minutes read

Today on Whistler Real Estate - Whistler Fake Estate, we're talking about agents from Vancouver who say they're your local Whistler experts. Are they really local and are they really an expert?

What Does Being a "Whistler Expert" Really Mean?

Let's say you're visiting with an agent to sell your Whistler home and they say that they're your Whistler real estate expert. Ask them exactly what that means. If they're just your local realtor from North or West Van, then how can they be your Whistler expert?

Ask For Specific Numbers

How many homes or condos in Whistler have they ever actually sold? And how many of them were they on the buyer's side of the transaction for? Ask for specific numbers. Get all of the information you can about your so called Whistler expert and see if that's because they actually sell properties in Whistler. Or do you just want to use them because they did a great job for you on your last local purchase in Vancouver. The Whistler real estate market is complex and varied and you are doing yourself a grave disservice by using your local Vancouver agent who knows very little about the nuanced Whistler real estate market. 

Whistler Real Estate or Fake Estate

I would say that if your agent has sold at least 30% of his or hers yearly sales volume in the Whistler area then they would perhaps be considered a Whistler expert. That's pretty high in our industry.

So if you're visiting with a Vancouver agent and they say they're a Whistler expert, but they can't provide the data to prove it, that's probably Whistler Fake Estate. But, they'd love to take the day off, get out of town and go on a little road trip up the Sea to Sky highway with you.

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